There are still more questions than answers with regard to the unsettled Texas primary elections, Brown County Elections Administrator Suzy Young said.

The primary date is April 3, and the runoff is June 5. The filing deadline for candidates in Texas primary elections is 6 p.m. Feb. 1. It is not yet known when the new filing period will open, Young said.

"The biggest mess for us is, the voter registration cards expire (Saturday)," Young said. She was referring to the blue and white cards issued two years ago. Even though the cards expired today, she recommends that voters hold onto those cards.

Counties are being advised by the state to delay mailing new cards to voters until redistricting lines are final; otherwise, they may incur the expense of a second mailing.

"We will not even print new certificates until the lawsuit is settled," Young said. "The date set for that is Feb. 13. So voters need to hang on to the old cards that are blue and white until such time as we mail the new yellow and white cards."

The delay in what had been a March 6 primary election is the result of legal contests of districts drawn by the Texas Legislature, and then by a federal court.

The deadline to change county election precinct lines has been moved to Jan. 31, 2012.

When the redistricting lines are final, the state will notify counties.

Young said voters should provide the registrar with any new information for their voter cards such as changes in address. That can be done online, by coming to the elections administration office or by mailing in the old card with updated information. Voters can no longer simply address the cards as "Brownwood" and the zip code, but now need to have the entire address of the registration office.