If Mark Rhoads hoped he'd seen the last of Brown County when he escaped from custody nearly 2 years ago, he didn't get his wish.

Brown County Sheriff's deputies brought Rhoads, 46, back to Brown County Thursday from Oklahoma after authorities there were finished with him.

Rhoads remains in the Brown County Jail on multiple charges including escape, burglary of a building, burglary of a habitation and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, jail records state. His bonds exceed $100,000.

Rhoads was a jail trusty when he walked away from the Brownwood/Brown County Law Enforcement Center the evening of June 7, 2009. Authorities believed Rhoads stole a rental car from a Lake Brownwood car lot and drove it to the Lawton area, where he has family.

Rhoads was captured in Oklahoma three nights later.

Before he escaped, Rhoads had been in the Brown County Jail for about eight months on burglary and larceny charges.

In other recent incidents:

School resource officer Fred Bastardo was asked to look into the theft of a teacher's iPhone Wednesday at Brownwood High School. The teacher had plugged the phone in to recharge, then stepped outside the classroom for five minutes as classes changed. When the teacher went back inside, the phone was gone.

Bastardo located the phone and suspect, who was taken to the juvenile detention center.

Two Brownwood Middle School juveniles were cited for disorderly conduct after a fight.

Officer Ray Slayton was dispatched to Wal-Mart Thursday on a theft report. Slayton encountered the suspect as he was attempting to drive away. Stolen merchandise was in the suspect's vehicle, Slayton's report states. Slayton arrested Robert Clark, 17, of Brownwood, on a theft charge.

Officer Jesse Mares arrested Alexander Holloway, 23, of Brownwood, on a charge of possession of marijuana under 2 ounces after a pedestrian stop.

Detective Aaron Taylor arrested Bobby Wallace, 33, of Brownwood, on a charge of manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.