Brown County commissioners voted to reinstate a 90-day burn ban for all unincorporated areas of the county as soon as the current 90-day ban expires - which will be within the next week.

Bans can be decreed for up to 90 days then have to be reinstated. Brown County Judge Ray West asked each commissioner about the rainfall the respective precincts received over the weekend and amounts varied from as little as 7/10ths of an inch in Precinct 1 to 6 inches in Precinct 2.

West did say there is a protocol if a landowner has a need for a control burn. The landowner needs to request permission from the precinct commissioner, then advise the nearest Volunteer Fire Department and the Brown County Sheriff's Office of the planned burn. Also, if conditions change, and there is wind or another possible danger, then the plans for a burn need to also change.