Before Brown County began suffering from the "drought of record," it was amusingly coincidental that each time commissioners had "consideration of a burn ban" on their agenda, it would rain.

Their luck may have returned. Monday, with light rain falling outside following a weekend of rains reportedly up to 3 inches in some parts of the county, commissioners agreed there wasn't a need for a burn ban.

"We're good," said Precinct 2 Commissioner Joel Kelton. "We don't need to put the ban in place today.

"We need to keep this on the agenda week-to-week so we can stay on top of it, but the rains we've had through the last several days, we're good."

Commissioners voted Oct. 17 to lift the burn ban that had been in place for months, and thought at the time a new ban would have to be approved within weeks. Even though rain measurements for the year are at a record low, there has been enough moisture in the last six weeks to avoid having the ban.

Also on Monday, commissioners approved the sheriff's office request to contract with Kirbo's Office Systems, a Canon supplier, for a five-year copier service. Chief Deputy Bobby Duvall said the contract with a San Angelo Xerox supplier was due to expire.

Duvall said Kirbo's is a local company and "we feel better going with a company that's right here." The sheriff's office has space for three copiers and is budgeted for $424 a month in copying expenses. The new contract with Kirbo's could be $100 or more less than what is budgeted, though its difficult to compare the two contracts because of the differences in line items.

However, Duvall said, while the sheriff's office had been pleased "overall" with the service contract with the San Angelo company, "There were times when the copiers were down and it always seemed like it was a critical time. With a Brownwood company, we'll have someone right here who can fix the problem."

In another item of business, the court approved the purchase of a 2006 four-door flatbed truck for Precinct 4. Total cost is $17,000.