Brownwood Police Chief Mike Corley issued the following press release Tuesday morning:

Yesterday, we received some great news from the National Association of Town Watch (NATW). As you probably know, we submitted documentation of our National Night Out so that we would be considered for an award in our population category (15,000 to 49,999). In short, we won national recognition for our efforts in 2011.

Here is a quote from NATW: "On behalf of the National Association of Town Watch (NATW), I am pleased to inform you that "Brownwood" has been selected as a National Award Winner for its outstanding participation in the "28th Annual National Night Out" (NNO)...."

As you can imagine, we are very pleased, and proud. For more information go here:

Click on the Category 4 link. You will see that Brownwood is listed at number 42 out of a total of 48. Yesterday, we called NATW and found out that 310 agencies submitted award applications in Category 4. After hearing that, we are even more proud.

Here is another link you might want to review:

Please remember that this was a combined effort between Brownwood PD, Brown County Sheriff's Office, Early PD, and Bangs PD, and of course the community of Brown County. The Chamber of Commerce was a great partner, and we especially thank all of our corporate sponsors, the biggest being the Heart of Texas Crime Stoppers.

Our notification letter states that we will receive the actual award within a couple of weeks. We will plan some type of presentation at that time.