COPPERAS COVE — The Brownwood High tennis team opened its 2019 fall campaign with a third-place finish at the Copperas Cove tournament, posting a combined 3-1 record Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, Brownwood swept a pair of Class 6A opponents in Killeen Ellison and Copperas Cove before falling to San Angelo Lake View in the first match Saturday. In a battle of No. 2 seeds from each pool, the Lions and Lady Lions knocked off Lampasas in the weekend finale to lock down third place.

“The kids worked hard and pulled off three wins this weekend in the heat against some quality teams,” said Brownwood second-year tennis head coach Crystal Blazek. “We still have a lot of work to do but we will get there by September.”

In Brownwood's 19-0 opening rout of Ellison, boys singles victories were collected by No. 1 Matthew Bundick (6-4, 7-5 over Allen), No. 2 Colton Varner (7-5, 6-2 over Lamacho), No. 3 Peyton Jeffcoats (6-0, 7-5 over Rangel), No. 4 Marcos Lombrano (6-0, 7-5 over Hernandez), No. 5 Peter Le (8-6 over Porbis) and No. 6 Alex Smith (by default).

Chalking up singles wins on the girls side were No. 1 Mckinzie Adkins (7-5, 6-3 over Goodman), No. 2 Kaylee Renfroe (6-2, 5-7, 10-7 over Allen) No. 3 Victoria Ramos (over Brown), No. 4 Lillian Jonescue (6-4, 6-2 over Penman), No. 5 Cameron Hall (6-0, 6-3 over Garza), and No. 6 Aaliyah Uvalle (8-1 over Bowers).

The tone for the match was set in doubles play where Lady Lions victories belonged to the No. 1 duo of Adkins and Uvalle (6-4, 6-1 over Allen and Brown), No. 2 Hall and Hannah Netherland (6-2, 7-6 [3] over Penman and Garcia) and No. 3 Jonescue and Renfroe (6-4, 6-1 over Browers and White).

Picking up doubles triumphs on the boys side were No. 1 Mo Goff and Ledezma (6-1, 6-0 over Allen and Hernandez), No. 2 Bundick and Smith (6-4, 6-0 over Rangel and Purbis) and No. 3 Varner and Jeffcoats (by default).

The mixed doubles victory was claimed by Brownwood's Ramos and James Bautista (6-2, 6-0 over Lamacho and Goodman).

Brownwood followed with a 10-9 triumph over Copperas Cove as the girls picked up five wins, the boys added four, and the deciding result came down to mixed doubles — a default victory for Bautista and Hall.

The Lions and Lady Lions each won three singles matches.

For the boys, victories belonged to No. 3 Ledesma (7-6 [2] over Gray), No. 4 Bundick (6-4, 7-5 over Smolen) and No. 5 Varner (6-2, 6-3 over Whitley).

In girls action, No. 2 Renfroe (5-3, retired over Price), No. 3 Ramos (6-4, 6-2 over Gray) and No. 6 Netherland (7-5, 7-5 over Wilkerson) landed in the win column.

Lady Lion tandems of No. 2 Ramos and Renfroe (6-2, 6-1 over Alejander and Gray) and No. 3 Uvalle and Netherland (4-6, 6-2, 12-10 over Dersio and Whitley) picked up victories, as did the Lions No. 1 team of Goff and Bundick (6-4 2-6, 10-3 over Kinere and Gray).

In Brownwood's 15-4 victory over Lampasas in the weekend finale, the Lions and Lady Lions both captured five singles and two doubles matches to lead the charge.

Single wins for the boys came from No. 2 Bautista (8-3 over Aguire), No. 3 Ledesma (8-1 over Gonzales), No. 4 Bundick (8-1 over Burgess), No. 5 Varner (8-2 over Megil) and No. 6 Jeffcoats (7-7 [7-4] over Lalk).

Lady Lions collecting singles victories were No. 1 Adkins (8-0 over Beavers), No. 2 Renfroe (8-4 over McLain), No. 3 Ramos (8-4 over Skiles), No. 4 Jonescue (7-4 over Valdez), and No. 5 Uvalle (8-2 over Watson).

Picking up doubles wins for the Lions were No. 2 Ledezma and Varner (8-4 over Gonzales and Megil) and No. 3 Lombrano and Le (8-5 over Lalk and Burgess), while the Lady Lions doubles triumphs belonged to No. 1 Adkins and Jonescue (8-6 over Beavers and McCain) and No. 3 Uvalle and Aishwarya Nigalye (8-4 over Valdez and Clements).

The mixed duo of Bautista and Ramos (8-3 over Zmolik and Beavers) was also victorious for Brownwood.

In Saturday's 10-6 loss to San Angelo Lake View — which ended early after Lake View attained enough wins to claim the team victory — Brownwood's triumphs included three in girls singles action, two in boys doubles and one in boys doubles.

For the Lady Lions, No. 3 Ramos knocked off Torrez (6-1, 6-0), No. 4 Jonescue defeated Hayes (10-8, 6-3) and No. 5 Uvalle upended Price (5-7, 6-3, 10-8) in singles competition.

On the Lions side, No. 4 Bundick (6-2, 6-1) and No. 5 Varner (6-1, 2-6, 10-8) collected singles wins with the doubles victory belonging to the No. 2 duo of Bautista and Ledezma (6-1, 6-2 over Benaridez and Ruiz).

Brownwood is back in action at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Tuesday at San Angelo Glenn Middle School against Midland Greenwood and Sweetwater, respectively.