Behind the scenes in several local non-profits and government type offices, you will find older adults making a difference in our communities. Some are volunteers, but many are being retrained to get the job skills they need to find employment through programs like the Experience Works’ Senior Community Service Employment Program. As they build confidence and recent work experience, their efforts provide much-needed help to nonprofits that might otherwise be possible.

I know firsthand about the Experience Works’ SCSEP because I’m currently enrolled in the program. A few years ago, health issues took me out of the workforce before I was ready. As my health got better, I quickly realized that being older with no recent work history decreased my job opportunities. I needed be able to meet some of my medical expenses and as a previous workaholic, I needed to feel productive again.

I was familiar with Experience Works’ SCSEP and connected with Employment and Training Coordinator Liz Cox. As a former director of a nonprofit, I had worked with the program before as a Host Agency. During that time, I helped participants learn new skills and gain confidence through their training assignment at my organization. Now, the shoe was on the other foot –I was the one who needed retraining!

I was eager to learn new skills, especially working on a computer. I’m moving along in my training assignment with a local nonprofit. I love going to training every day! I love meeting new people and learning new things, plus the bonus is that I am earning minimum wage with part-time hours –less stress and more productivity! With all this help, I know I’ll be able to find employment soon!

Now for the reason I’m telling my story. If you’re 55 or older, unemployed with limited or no income, you might qualify for this wonderful program. It’s helped me so much and I think it can help you too! For more information please call Liz Cox at Experience Works, 325 203 0536 or visit

Donna Hair