Welcome to Feb. 7, 2017. Who knows what today will bring? Well, we know a few things here at the HD. We try to have a fairly comprehensive list of stuff that happens on a daily basis, but no one can know everything. To prove that point to myself, I am a fan of the web pages that show what happened on this day in history.

One of them for today caught my eye. According to Onthisday.com, this day is monumental in an electoral way. It was way back in 1856 when the Tasmanian Parliament passed the first piece of legislation in the world that allowed for an election by way of a secret ballot. Very bright little devils they were back then, right?

Less worthy of celebration, on this day in 1991, the Irish Republican Army launched a mortar attack on 10 Downing Street during a cabinet meeting. The British have been dealing with the terrorist problem much longer than we have here in America.

Today is also the day of the great Baltimore fire of 1904 which destroyed 1,500 buildings in 80 blocks. History.com said the fire began as a small blaze in the business district but the winds whipped it into a $100 million disaster. In addition to the 1,500 buildings destroyed, another 1,000 were damaged severely in the blaze that burned for 31 hours.

In 1964 on this day, the English rock group known as the Beatles arrived in New York City. I was not yet born, or I would say I remember the day well. I guess what I remember is the television footage of the event that has been shown for all of my life. This gives me a chance to say the name of my favorite Beatles song, and today it is “Yellow Submarine.” My favorite Beatles song is a lot like my favorite Bon Jovi song and changes at least weekly, if not daily. That is quite understandable for a band that has been together for as long as Bon Jovi has, but it is hard to believe that the Beatles were only together for about eight years.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Christy Nichols, Laura Coble, Grayce Hubbard Allen, Tommie Franklin, Mary Johnson and Tom Hagy, all of Sherman; Melissa Guth and Robert Blake, both of Bells; Dennis Edwards; and Donald Parker.

Happy anniversary Tuesday to Reggie and Barbara Marr of Pottsboro, 30 years; and Joe and Lois Griffis of Whitewright, 19 years.