Over the last several months, I have made an effort to connect with our subscribers and listen to what they would like to see from their Herald Democrat. I have heard amazing feedback on our coverage in print, our website and our social media channels. I have also heard that we can do better.

We have committed to growing our local coverage, and we have adopted the mission of more local, more often. These conversations have, of course, made me a proud leader. However, all the feedback hasn’t been roses and rainbows. Some of our subscribers have had delivery issues. In fact, delivery issues have dominated most of my conversations of where we can do better.

These issues range from missing papers and papers delivered in locations that aren’t ideal to papers arriving late. Some days are better than others. Some of you have your papers before 6 a.m., other days it is 7 and on occasion, it has been after 8. Sadly, we have been after 7 more times than not. Maybe some of you have lost faith that we can do any better, and have accepted the adopted delivery schedule. If we plan to be more local, more often, maybe we should be on time more often.

The changes in your paper today, will reflect some of the measures we have taken to get your paper out earlier and our delivery more consistent. Now, we aren’t guaranteeing an on-time delivery every time, but we should strive for as close to perfection as possible. Being late should be the exception. Yes, some days mechanical delays will cause issues. Our delivery lifeblood, your carrier, may have an emergency and we may have to find a substitute for your route that causes some delays, and weather might not be our friend. We appreciate your patience and hope that you continue to give us a chance to listen, learn and become stronger one day and one paper at a time.

Today, let me introduce an additional section, Section C. Section C includes your comics, features, life, and home and garden on Thursdays. Section C will also be included in the Friday edition and will include health. These sections will be where you find your inserts and circulars, as well. The overall page count and content is not changing, but the location of those familiar features are. These sections allow us to print, part of your paper, earlier and save time when delivering our papers to your carriers. The change also allows our newsroom more color opportunity in their news efforts.

Your Herald Democrat is changing, and we appreciate your patience as we listen and improve, and find it an honor to be invited into your home.

Happy birthday Thursday to Bill King of Potomac, Maryland; Karen Waldrip, Richard Simpson, and Judy Baker, all of Denison; Jim Russell, Samuel Murphy, Laura Long, and Ronald Jackson, all of Sherman; Earl Mayo of Howe; Randy Henson of Whitesboro; Mary Ann Cox of Collinsville; David Jackson; and Andrea Shin.

Happy anniversary Thursday to David and Sue Ruble of Denison, 54 years; and Oscar and Theda Bevels of Blue Creek, 43 years.