Goodness gracious, where did February go?

This week is actually the big week for those who have been spending their free time raising baby livestock.

The Texoma Exposition and Livestock show got underway Monday. The big lunch sale happens on Friday. Along the way, lots of area youngsters will show off all of their hard work in projects raising the kind of critters most of us only see on our plates at the dinner table. I recall, vividly, my first time covering the Livestock show.

I bought a pair of boots and wore my nicest pair of jeans to the event. I went home with a bit of a bald spot because I bent down to talk to a girl as she worked near the ground and a baby goat or maybe it was a lamb, decided my kinky curly hair looked like food.

I remember screaming, but the animal just kept munching away. I also remember what my boots looked like when the week ended. The next year, I bought a pair of wellies instead of dress boots. And I learned to stand up straight and talk louder. Then, thankfully, Lynette George took over all things Livestock show and I got to stay back at the office.

Though livestock is not really my thing, I did always enjoy talking with the youngsters about the things they learned during those projects. And call me crazy, but I still get weak in the knees over a shampooed and fluffed side of beef. I just don’t think my tiny backyard has the space for both a steer and my little schnauzer. So, I guess I will leave the beef raising to the experts and stick to training my puppy.

In addition to the livestock show, this is also the week in which Lent begins. I think the two go together rather well since to me, Lent always feels like the beginning of spring. This week, the weather will actually feel like spring. And that will be a blessing for the folks out moving those little critters around at Loy Park in Denison. There isn’t a real rain day forecast for the whole week.

So that begs the question for locals, if there is no rain or ice or snow, is it really Livestock week at Loy Park?

Happy birthday Wednesday to Will Gillespie of Denison; Tiffany Sadler, Bonnie Brown, Bryan Hancock and Faith Nicole Mutz, all of Sherman; Ida Offutt Carter of Round Rock; and Tevin Daniels of Kailua, Hawaii.