With the summer movie season just months away, we're starting to see trailers for this year's blockbusters and one that really impressed me was for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film.

The recent flood of comic book movies hasn't always given women a lot to do on screen, but that's definitely about to change as this will be the first film centered on a female hero. I wouldn't characterize my wife as a big fan of comic book movies in general, but she's super excited about “Wonder Woman” and I completely understand why.

Because it looks awesome.

We recently watched the movie's new trailer online and as soon as it was over, she demanded we watch it again, which I happily obliged. In addition to looking like a really fun, action-packed movie, I'm excited about the movie because of what it'll mean to women and young girls to have a female hero leading the story on the big screen.

But just like women and girls went to all the previous superhero films, there's going to be a lot of boys and men lining up to see “Wonder Woman.” And luckily, they'll be able to properly represent their excitement about the film with “Wonder Woman” merchandise.

Last weekend, my wife, son and I went into a major department store and the boy and I walked over to the men's section to look at clothes. We came up on the large display table of comic book superhero shirts that's always there — filled with Batman, Superman, the Punisher, Captain America and more — and I looked them over for something new or fun. And then the rack next to the table caught my eye, as it was filled with red T-shirts with Wonder Woman's logo on the front.

I'd never seen a Wonder Woman shirt in men's sizes, but I immediately wanted one. As a big and tall man, I usually wear shirts on the larger side of the spectrum, but all that was left were smalls, mediums and larges. So I guess I'm not the only man excited to see the new “Wonder Woman” film. My wife said she's going to find me and our son shirts so we can all show off our excitement for the film.

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