As I do not currently live in Brownwood or Brown County, the issue of the new scoreboard at Gordon Wood Stadium does not affect me directly, but does affect many of my family and friends who are still tax paying citizens there.

In a county where just shy of 19 percent of the population lives below the poverty line and the average cost of a meal via is approximately $2.67, that new scoreboard could provide roughly 187,000 meals for residents of Brown County, of whom about 3,000 are children and seniors.

Having grown up there I am aware that a good portion of that money will likely come from “boosters” or “private donors,” and I would ask those people to look at where that money is going and tell themselves that a new scoreboard is truly the best way to improve their community.

While I also understand that having a nice football stadium is important to generating revenue as far as hosting events that are sponsored by schools that are not in Brown County i.e. playoff games, track meets etc, but the amount of meals that it could provide for the people that really matter, the residents of Brown County, is hardly worth $500,000 in my humble opinion. 


Zac Lindsay