It is so interesting that the KKK, Alt. Right and a few other extremist groups are being blamed for all the wrongs committed in Charlottesville, Virginia and other cities across the nation. The Far Left is so good with propaganda and have so many ways of spreading it, the American people are exposed to and led to believe the lies perpetuated by their papers, magazines, television and the internet.

Perhaps none of you heard about the Blacks Lives Matter people who were there right in the middle of the confrontation, or that the Workers of the World (Revolutionary Communist Party) who funded, made signs and participated. They carried and used bats, clubs, and chemicals to injure anyone who stood in their way that day. They were intent on tearing down the statue of Robert E. Lee, an honorable civil war leader.

The Antifa people, organized and supported by those who would see this country destroyed were right in the middle of the mess, and may have been instrumental in the death of the female protester killed that day by a deranged schizophrenic. They are noted for their violence and property destruction, and now have groups in many states including Texas. In addition there were political plants, with their establishment messages already written out and ready to go, even before they attended the event.

Propaganda is rife everywhere. I urge all of you to read carefully what is printed, and take the television news with a grain salt. Do your own research. Get the facts. There is nothing good going on out there for the American people. This is a war between traditional values and the Socialist/Communists who intend to take over this country. They almost have.

Stand up for what is right and good for this country and good for your family. Stand for your faith and your morals. Call out wrongs when you see them. We can all do that. If you want a country of opportunity for you children, you must do that.


Mrs. Mickey Mathis