I wanted to write a thank you letter to all the wonderful people in Brown County, who have been so helpful both in spirit with prayers and those who have donated to our son Seth Moreno, a local seventh grader at Brownwood Middle School.

On Aug. 23, Seth went to his first day of school only to come home around lunch due to him having a seizure at school. This had never happened before and as a mother fear of my son’s health began to overwhelm me.

We took him to Dr. Scot Morris who referred us to BRMC and Dr. Boren Neurologist here locally. Thanks to another mother’s advice to push for an MRI, we requested to have one additionally to the EEG that Dr. Morris had ordered.

After the MRI, it was discovered that there was a tumor on Seth’s brain in the supplemental motor cortex thus explaining the seizures.

He had surgery on Sept. 15 at Cook Childrens Hospital in Fort Worth, where they worked 10 hours to remove three tumors from his brain. The tumor was tested for cancer and the results came back benign!

As a mother, I have been humbled by the amount of people who have called, wrote, donated, and prayed for my son and I cannot begin to thank each one of them enough.

I want to thank each person and church who put Seth on their prayer list and prayed for him diligently! The Assistant Principal, Mrs. Richardson at the Brownwood Middle school has been a Godsend during this time and been there to support Seth and help us along with the students, parents, teachers, and coaches which has been amazing during this time in our lives. Mrs. Richardson also runs a non-profit organization, Hope from the Heart which sent gifts to Seth to help with his hospital stay. I would also like to thank all the coaches that have been supportive and supportive of Seth during this time. As a mother I worried about Seth being bullied when he returned to school, but the students have been amazing in supporting and understanding and I would like to tell their parents thank you for raising such wonderful and caring young men and women!

I must say, to live in a community like this one, is truly a blessing. Thank you everyone and God bless each and everyone of you!

Serenity Daniels