The Emperor (Brown County) is being solicited by the Tailor (Ranger College) to get New Clothes (Vote to become a part of their tax district).

If you remember the story, the emperor spent a great deal of money and received nothing in return. Do we really need “New Clothes” in the form of a new tax?

A large number of Brown County residents are on a fixed income and any new tax of any size is a burden on us. Once we pay the new property tax, we must then pay a higher price for goods and services to offset the tax that must be paid by the business owners.

Non-property owners that think they will “get by” without paying the “tax” will also pay higher prices for goods and services. There is “no free lunch.”

We must keep in mind that once a tax is imposed it NEVER EVER goes away. And normally never gets smaller.

What is the bottom line advantage to Brown County? To me? To you? Will a significant number of jobs be created for our young people? Will new business be created to add to the tax base?

Show me what I am buying before I pay for a “pig in a poke.”


George Bradley