I am a retired plant manager and very concerned about high property taxes in Brown County.

I spent 35 years working in seven different factories in five states and never have I seen property taxes as high as right here in Brown County. We bought our house 21 years ago and our

property taxes were under $50 per month and now are over $550 per month!

During my career, I saw high taxes put pressure on factories to move jobs overseas. I saw high taxes hurt working men and women struggling to raise families and buy a home. Now I see high taxes hurting senior citizens living on fixed pensions or fixed Social Security checks!

When will taxes stop going up? When will REAL leaders speak up for working men, working women and Senior Citizens? The answer is, only when we get out and vote in HUGE numbers! Never underestimate the political machine that is spending thousands of dollars to take your hard earned money with a new TAX!

Please join my family, and many of our neighbors and friends who plan to speak up and vote AGAINST Ranger College Annexation Tax!

Mike Tittle