Now that TXDOT won’t be shaving off more land down a  short strip of Main Street and also saving  almost $13 million on the proposed project, a more common sense approach will be implemented to route transport trucks outside of the downtown area and straight down Commerce where they can turn and go up Austin Avenue.

 What would really enhance Brownwood is to make that stretch of Main Street look similar  to Center Avenue and Carnegie which many, if not, most travelers and visitors don’t get an opportunity to see.

When traveling we develop a perception of a community simply by what we see and that comes usually from our short drive through a town’s Main Street.   Fredericksburg, Hico and San Saba are towns that have recognized this and have revitalized  their main streets.  Sadly, most travelers miss seeing our beautiful Center Avenue and their perception of Brownwood is only Commerce and Main.

My father’s last project was to revitalize the Old Troxler house and restore its historical grandeur and splendor.  He put a lot of time and money into that project for the benefit of everyone, and we appreciate so many who have expressed their appreciation.

  And with the beautiful and historical Episcopal church across the street, it would be something to take a short section of Main Street and revitalize it  with beautiful landscape and a brick paved section where travelers and this community can pause for a moment and appreciate its beauty and the well-preserved history of the first structures built in this town.

This is a task that is feasible and will have a lasting and positive impact for this community.

Bill Ruth