For the past two years people of this country have witnessed “eliteism” at its “finest.” Neither Republicans nor Democrats have a lock on this wonderful “virtue.”

To the elite, it’s all about holding on to their power, their social standing, their wealth, and let’s not forget the spotlight. They seem to really enjoy hearing themselves talk. This group of people thinks they know what’s best for the masses.

The voters of this great nation, feeling a change was needed, elected an “outsider.” The elite on both sides of the aisle have made absolute fools of themselves and it makes me sick to my core.

Unfortunately, in the past few weeks eliteism has raised its ugly head in our own city. The citizens of Brown County evidently felt a change was needed and elected an “outsider.” But, as usual, the elite think they know what’s best for we the people.

Brownwood has for its motto, “Feels Like Home.” But it’s starting to feel more like Washington, D.C.


Pete Morgan