A few years ago, I encountered a retired Air Force pilot who’d flown several types of jets including the Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom and more modern F-15 Eagle. Post-Air Force, he went on to fly general aviation planes.

I asked him, “what’s your favorite plane?”

“The one I happen to be flying at the time,” he replied. He said if he’s flying as an instructor in a two-seat, 100-horsepower Cessna 150, then that’s his favorite plane.

I’ve been in all of Brown County’s school districts several times the past few weeks for photos and articles, and if you asked me “what’s your favorite school district in Brown County,” I’d say “the one I happen to be in at the time.”

I like school people — those who work in school districts and the students who attend them. I enjoy seeing the achievements of these young men and women who are poised, accomplished and articulate.

When Yoot the Elder was a senior at Brownwood High School, I told him more than once, “With few exceptions, you are light years ahead of where I was when I was 18.”

He seemed surprised that included the caveat “with few exceptions” and wanted to know exactly what those exceptions were.

I was particularly impressed with an uplifting social media post recently by Brownwood High School theatre director Shannon Lee, who clearly loves her students, her school district and her community. All of her social media posts that I have seen are that way.

That prompted a response by me on social media, in which I waxed philosophical about people who see their glasses as completely full, half full, half empty or completely empty. Shannon, to me, is an example of someone whose glass is full all of the time.

Here is where I went wrong: I accidentally posted it on the Bulletin Facebook page instead my own page, which is where it was intended. That seems to have caused a stir.

I don’t regret any of my statements — just where I accidentally posted them.

I have accidentally posted personal photos on the Bulletin Facebook page, which I quickly deleted once I realized my error. This post, I didn’t realize my error until all of Brown County apparently saw it and it kind of caused a riot.

I also recall a social media post from someone who said she “respectfully disagreed” with another poster’s political opinion, and included a smiley face.

Another contrast between those who can be optimistic — or at least strive for civility on social media— and the angry elves.

Nobody will take my advice, but I must ask if the angry elves even know how they sound. So, here’s my advice to be ignored: Keep it classy. Stay civil. And make sure your posts go where you intended.

If you don’t like any of my statements — either in the original post or in this column — remember, even Ebenezer Scrooge found redemption. There’s only a month to wait for that.