I live in the north part of Brownwood. I want the people of Brownwood, and the world to know there are some very thoughtful and nice people out there. I have Emphysema, and severe COPD. I make and sell candy at festivals and flea markets.

Because of the current health crisis these have been closed. We depend on these to get by. The other day I was outside cutting the weeds when a woman with a small girl in the car stopped and told me she lived around the corner and that she would be right back to cut my weeds for me. She would not take no for an answer. She came right back and took over the cutting.

Apparently, a man drove by and saw her. My daughter contacted her husband to come over and take over so she wouldn't have to. He came over and took over. The man that dove by must have went home and got a riding lawn mower and came back. He offered to cut my weeds.

I did not get her name but learned that she worked at the Brownwood health center, and had several kids. I made her take some of our candy as a thank you.

Larry Jackson