To the editor:

Is everything in our world really so black and white as reported by George Day in the July 27 issue regarding “Free Trade,” as a Republican produced problem? No, it is actually a very large gray area and one that I speak from with experience.

NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, is a very dirty word to me, as it cost me thou.s.a.nds of dollars in lost income, two employees averaging $20 an hour losing their jobs and my pastor who moonlighted for me out of his own shop had to stop as well and go back to mowing lawns. The history of NAFTA has Republican and Democrat written all over it. The history of NAFTA follows briefly. It was pursued by Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A. with considerable opposition in all three countries. This was signed by Republican President Bush in 1992, but was subject to ratification by the legislatures of all three countries. Democrat President Bill Clinton made its passage a major legislative priority in 1993 and passed with a vote of 132 Republicans and 102 Democrats for the bill. For more information look up History of NAFTA on the Web.

It’s always easy to blame the current president or a particular political party for the problems of our country. Yet at 52 years of age, life has taught me that not everything is so black and white. There is usually the big gray area in between. To find the truth, you have to go deeper than just your letter to the editor column.

Don Morelock