To the editor:

Thanks for the response to my letter about the high energy prices. However, your responders seem to have missed or ignored my clear points:

1. The Anti-Economics of Congress prohibiting drilling for American-owned oil and gas in America, off our coasts and in ANWR!

2. The resultant gigantic economic trauma to America! Missing jobs, missed wealth, money spent with questionable friends vs. generated here at home and the Congress-generated energy-dependence on foreigners!

3. Failure to approve and use nuclear power and the new coal-fueled energy plants.

Thus, WHY are you officials supporting or are quiet to America’s best interests and the destructiveness of Congress actions? Why are you, a Texan, quiet and silent to these sound needed economic development for Texas and America? Are you afraid of the liberals?

Your responder/writer talks about Congress efforts to hugely subsidize alternate energy systems, mandate the use and further subsidizing of uneconomic biofuels and making illegal the use of incandescent bulbs while ignoring the dangers of the mercury lamps!

Sen. Cornyn, you need to better and fresh viewpoint and conservative writers! Your present ones stink. He/they must be Democrat-approved! Maybe they are just doing what they are told having no values of his/their own??

Like a multitude of Texans, we’ll be voting for you and Mr. McCain in November but only because the Democratic alternative is so much worse. It’s not that you haven’t done some good. Like President Bush, you have. But these energy matters have long crippled America and now critically threaten America. And note, this present distress is caused, not by the environment but Congress…and you are part of Congress.

Won’t you PLEASE give these matters our sincere attention and put your shoulder to the American wheel of progress: Conservative thinking, values and action?

David Holmes

Cross Plains