To the editor:

In response to the Sept. 5 article, “Will Cowboys’ optimism give way to stark reality?” In my opinion, optimism is a positive attitude toward someone or something; it is not enough to make something a reality. The Cowboys may have optimism towards the team coming out and executing the game plan, but as reality sets place, the cowboys have many things going against them. The team is suffering from a lot of player injuries, in which most of them are veterans or have started in the past.

As the team tries to stay positive about having Wade Phillips as the new head coach and returning quarterback (Tony Romo), who did very good last season, the stark reality might set something else for this team. As I said earlier, the team suffers from many key player injuries. The stark reality is that the team will have to kickoff the season with young players who will need to step up and fill the big shoes of the veterans who may be injured. The reality is that the Cowboys have many injured players and may not be able to start the season the way they intend to, but staying positive about things might help when game time comes around. It may not change the outcome, but it could help.

Enrique Gonzalez

HPU student