To the editor:

The community debate is whether or not to extend “tax abatement” to the alternate energy companies.

Has the first debate on the necessity of “alternate energy” been finalized? Do most of us believe that we are fighting a critical time line for the ultimate loss of electricity and oil derivatives?

There has been some minor and even token government involvement in establishing avenues for “alternate energy” to be explored. This has invigorated a small industry to explore sun, fuel, and wind energy while collecting substantial government subsidies.

But, if we truly are needing “alternate energy,” that is other than oil, at what time will the federal government act on this matter and release the major utility companies to construct “atomic generated” power? When this is done, electricity will flow through the existing grid in such volume that many in the auto industry will expand their lines of battery driven cars. A revolution of abundant energy will be released into mainstream America.

When a true crisis is defined, the government will move this nation to adopt the same “atomic energy” plans as are being used today in Europe. When this is done, the experimental programs will be in a most precarious situation. If their market disappears, so might they.

Putter Jarvis