Freedom is worth celebrating, and Brown County area residents are certainly showing their enthusiasm this year.

Perhaps that should be described as a season, instead. Liberty is the focus of a series of holidays and special occasions that stretch from Memorial Day in late May to Independence Day in early July. In June, observances tied to D-Day, Flag Day and Juneteenth all point to the importance of freedom from oppression.

For this yearís Fourth of July, area residents have lined up an impressive schedule of activities, and Brown County residents are in a good position to take advantage of most of them. They will begin with the Bangs Freedom Celebration on Friday night, and continue through the Fourth of July until the massive Fireworks Extravaganza is held at Lake Brownwood on Saturday, July 7.

When the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed in 1776, Americaís founding leaders predicted that it was an occasion that citizens would celebrate each year with fireworks and festivals. That prediction has proven true. While everyone loves a good party, itís important, however, to remember the reason for the fun. Americans are celebrating the day when their free nation was established, and when courageous souls charted a course that changed history. The principles set forth in that declaration, when defended and upheld for all, ensure that we can continue to live, work and celebrate in a manner we choose within the laws that govern us ó the laws we help shape.

Itís a season worth celebrating, indeed. In fact, itís a season that demands celebrating. Let the festivities begin!

Brownwood Bulletin