Kurt Newton


To the editor:

Derrick Stuckly, in his reporting of the Wednesday night teenage baseball game was done in a typical media fashion. While tempers did flair in a heated game between two teams who have been rivals all year long, it should not in fans minds or in Mr. Stuckly’s, “OVER SHADOW,” the quality of play displayed in the game. Make no mistake, I don’t in any way condone what happened during the game, and anyone that has been associated with baseball in Brownwood for the last 25 plus years knows that I don’t. But I also know that the incident did not “OVER SHADOW” the plays both defensivly or the quality of pitching in the game. Dillon Ellis made a play at shortstop that you can’t see done any better at any level. Josh Fleming made several way beyond routine plays at third base, the pitching on both sides was good, and at the plate both teams had timely hits that kept the game close and exciting.

The attitudes displayed on our youth playing fields are many times deplorable, but the publicity given these deplorable actions only add fuel to the fire. People who are not involved with our youth or high school programs many times blame the coaches or the system. In reality, most of these problems start and could be stopped at home. While many of the people who read Mr. Stuckly’s write-up of the game sit home on summer nights watching reality TV and saying there is nothing to do around here, they could be at one of the local baseball or softball complexes watching our local kids play games at a fairly high level. Then they would see for themselves that incidents like what happened Wednesday night are not the norm.

Award winning sports writer for the Brownwood Bulletin, the late Bill Stovall, told me once he just reported what he saw. The difference in Mr. Stovall, and most in his profession, is that Wednesday night he would have seen a great baseball game, not a couple of temper flairs ups.

Derrick Stuckly does an excellent job reporting our local stories and a community our size is fortunate to have a sports writer of high quality and dedication. However, on this story, I think he took the ESPN path and made his story “OVER SHADOW” the play on the field.