To the editor:

Freedom is something that people earn, not something that is lavished on them for free, like the toy in the Cracker Jack box. In 2002, when Mr. Bush ran for president I wrote reminding us that communism is alive and well in our government, but as the chameleon that it is, it is hiding under the name “socialism” which has gained respect among a lot of unwary people, who are weary with the high cost of living, and an endless war.

As I stated back then, Friederich Engels, one of the fathers of communism, in his “Principles of Communism,” stated that “Where a democratic constitution has already been established, the communists must make common cause with the party [in power] which will turn that constitution against the, bourgeoisie (the wealthy) and use it in the interest of the proletariat “[the working class]. I wonder if we see anything familiar?

In the letter, I pointed out that Senator Joe McCarthy was ostracized, persecuted, and driven to an early grave by those whom he attempted to reveal. Why? Because he stated from government records that there were still many pro-communist (fellow travelers) in the State Department.

Any evidence? Well they are not all in the State Department, some are now in Congress. Nancy Pelosi, present speaker of the house (a very high authoritative and influential position in our government) has made it clear what she thinks about the country and the way the money is distributed among us. She would take it from those who are rich (those who own businesses and make jobs for the rest of us) and give it to the poor. Christ said, “The poor you have with you always.” That doesn’t mean that we are to let them starve, but it certainly does mean that many who are poor are there because they are too lazy to work. What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was a real eye-opener.

What about Hillary Clinton? Her socialistic leanings were clearly seen when Bill was elected. She became the “ real president” and would have given us socialized medicine if Congress had not rejected it. The disappearance of her potentially convicting records of the Whitewater fiasco, that suddenly showed up on a table in the White House a week or so later, was clearly a delayed action so that they could be re-written and sanitized. Her election as senator for the State of New York, was clearly an ethical violation, since she was not and never had been at that time a citizen of New York. She was what early politicians called a “carpetbagger,” which simply means that as a candidate she came in to town on a bus with her belongings in a suitcase, ( Some luggage used to be made from a heavy carpet-type material) and conned the populace with their personal charisma and money. In her case — lots of money, and charisma — on both of her faces.

Now, she is being paraded before us by the big media and their socialist-leaning comrades, with a sweet smile on her face, psychologically programming the unwary, to believe that she is their friend. Her record is a clear warning. Even a rattlesnake has the courtesy to warn before it strikes. We’d better wake up.

John Penalver