To the editor;

I have a few things I would like to say and a few questions that perhaps no one has thought to ask concerning this matter of misconduct of the Brownwood police officer.

I noticed that the media has gone to great lengths to provide the public with details of this matter. Why is this situation any different than any other person who has committed this crime? I have known socially this officer for about 16 years, and as far as I know he puts his clothes on and combs his hair the same way the rest of us do. My late husband worked with him on the Brownwood police force. I know that in his position, it may seem like a greater crime because he was supposed to be a trusted individual in the community, but he is a human just the same as everyone else. Please donít take me wrong, Iím not trying to lessen what happened by any means, but can anyone answer these questions for me?

First of all, let me say, I have two teenage girls of my own, and I once was a teenage girl myself, so I know what Iím talking about. In years gone by, a 15-year-old girl might be considered a ďchildĒ but in 2007? Please! All you have to do is drive down the road, walk in the department store, go to a movie, etc. You donít know the age of any of those girls. They dress provocatively, wear makeup that would put Tammy Faye to shame (God rest her soul), and flirt like itís Saturday night in Las Vegas. So I donít believe that he is 100 percent guilty. And where were the parents at 6 a.m. when their daughter was sneaking out to see an older man. I donít know about all the other ďmeetingsĒ with the two girls, but in todayís ďinformedĒ society, you cannot tell me that those girls didnít know what was going on. I would venture to say that they were just as much a party. The schools, television, etc. all inform our young people about people who ďtouchĒ them inappropriately. Why didnít they tell someone sooner? Again, Iíve known this man, and you will never make me believe that they were so ďscaredĒ that they couldnít tell anyone. If they were that scared, drop out of the program. Itís not like he was the mafia! I donít believe there is another person on the Brownwood Police Department that would have supported him or assisted him in this action. One dark action cannot survive if much light is shed into the darkness.

Anytime you start putting a human in a position greater than they are, they are going to fall. There is no such thing as one human being better than another. Although it may sound like it, Iím not passing judgment on either party. If he acted inappropriately, then I hope the system works correctly, but I also hope that blind justice will also see that in order for the balances to weigh out properly, the guilt has to be balanced too.

I hope, Mr. Editor, that you find it fair to print my letter. Society is such a fickle crowd. They tend to go with whoever yells the loudest. Itís time someone yelled back.

Terrilyn Taylor

Santa Anna