To the editor:

I appreciate you allowing me to send this letter. At first when individuals were “replying” to my first letter, I didn’t think I needed to “defend” my position, or clarify my words. I have received many words of encouragement from people on the street and messages left on my home answering machine, and I appreciate that. However, it appears that there exists some individuals who just don’t “get it.”

So once again, here goes: the comment was made that perhaps the responsibility of the conduct of the children should be placed on the entertainment industry of our country, or maybe someone should teach the children how to “kick ‘em in the shins.” Perhaps the blame should be placed on others in the community. Hello! No one else in the community gave birth to those “children.” Sure, you entrust them into the care of those you think are responsible adults. Did you think twice when you sent you kids to school today? How about the teachers, the bus driver, the janitor, etc.? Then there is church, the deacons, Sunday school teachers, etc. The list could go on and on even to family members. How are those people different from this man? If you think about it, it can drive you mad! He isn’t some god that he couldn’t have made a mistake, and it takes more that one ingredient to make a bomb.

And yes, I’m very well aware of the positive impact the Explorers Program has had on the community and many young people in the county. My stepdaughter graduated from the program and she is a beautiful, productive member of society now.

I have no problem with the program, so I don’t know where that comment came from. What I don’t understand is, if you are putting all the blame on the officer in charge, why didn’t he “make a pass” at all the girls in the class. And I don’t buy that “didn’t have a father figure at home” business. That doesn’t “fly with me either.” As long as this program has been going on, you can not tell me that only two girls didn’t have father figures at home. And who’s to say that because of the “lack” of an alleged father figure that the girls didn’t make the first and so forth move on the officer. There isn’t a man out there who can tell me honestly that they haven’t enjoyed at some point in their life the flirting of a nice-looking girl (who probably looks like a woman).

And yes, I do have respect and feeling for the officer’s family. I worked with his wife for a while, she is a very lovely person as anyone who knows her can attest to, as are his children. What I don’t understand is why those of you who are so worried about his family, keep using his name in writing. I respect them enough to not use his name. You know that is their name too. As far as the woman from Santa Anna goes. I can not believe, you as the former wife of a deputy sheriff, and a former city mayor, would go to the lengths you did to defend the “victims.”

Once again, I’ll say! The officer did not pull her out of her bedroom window at 6 a.m. and drag her anywhere! Hello, is anyone listening? I would like to see the Explorer program that meets at 6 a.m.! If either of these “children” didn’t like what was going on, then there is no doubt in my mind, they could have stopped it. If you think for one minute that they were 100 percent blameless, why don’t you go to Santa Anna High School or any other high school in America, and interview girls of the same age and ask them the same questions. The majority will tell you that the “children” were not 100 percent blameless. The schools even tell the “children” to tell an adult if someone is doing anything that they aren’t comfortable with. So you’re trying to convince me that the “children” were scared to say no? Whatever! What was he going to do if she didn’t show up

that she couldn’t have gone screaming across the street to the 24-hour E-Z Mart!

No, I don’t like what is happening to this family. If all the facts were looked at with an open mind, like for instance, look at records of offenses of the same kind and see what kind of bonds were set for those individuals compared to this case. I do believe I smell a rat, a dead one! Cause something sure does stinks, like a set up. And I don’t believe that people in glass houses should be throwing rocks. Seems I recall a similar incident with another Brownwood officer a few years ago, and it was handled much quieter and discreetly. In the best interest of justice, I hope none of you narrow-minded individuals wind up on the jury.

For sure this will be my last letter. If you don’t get it now, you never will. And to quote a favorite author of mine: “neither cast your pearls before swine.” Matthew 7:6.

Terrilyn Taylor

Santa Anna