To the editor:

This past Memorial Day I had the honor to attend the Memorial Day Ceremony at Eastlawn Memorial Park. The ceremony was very inspiring. The music by Mr. Mal Aaron was beyond words and to those who have not heard this man sing, you have no idea what you have missed.

The Rev. Jerry Evans was right on target. The two active military members coming forward during the benediction was an emotional moment.

To Dan Locker, M.D., who gave the Memorial Day address I again want to say thank you for saying so many things that we as a country need to do. He also said that we should have had a thousand people there instead of the one hundred.

Later in the day I attended the groundbreaking for the Central Texas Veterans Memorial. This is going to be something that the residents of this town and surrounding counties are going to be very proud of. If you are a veteran or have a loved one who was, purchasing a brick that you can have inscribed is a wonderful way for you to remember their service to this great country. I would like to urge all of my friends who are veterans to contact Billy Murphey (Brown County Veterans Service Officer) at 646-0335 regarding forms for these bricks.

This is a great country and it hurts me to know that so many people either donít know or could care less. The latter frightens me.

God bless this country and for what we stand.

Roy Burnum