Many practicing Christians despise the fact that commercialism has almost swallowed today’s holy observance, even as others on the same pew with them max out their credit cards with the best of them. But contemporary society long ago strayed far from the babe lying in a manger, and Christians may never be able to fully take back the holiday from non-believers.

That’s an opportunity, not a hindrance. The season, at least, prompts even those who celebrate Christmas for extraneous reasons to help others, donate to charities and show love to others.

That opens the door to explain – without belligerence – how Christmas really began, and why this day, selected somewhat arbitrary from a faith standpoint, is so important to Christians. Not just to children. Not just to retailers. And not just to toymakers, grocers and the travel industry.

Some of those secular traditions that will be renewed among millions of families today and this week are priceless treasures worth so much more than presents under all the Christmas trees in the world. Pause to bask in those family traditions this weekend, and – by all means – reflection on why Christmas Day was set aside.

Brownwood Bulletin