As Brownwood area residents prepare to show their respect and appreciation for the men and women who died serving their country in Vietnam a generation ago by hosting The Moving Wall, the opportunity to support the nationís current military personnel also presents itself.

Some, perhaps, may seem at a loss to do something meaningful. The sacrifices members of our armed forces and their families are immense, and it seems there is little we can do as civilians to help.

As it turns out, it doesnít take much of an effort to make a big difference.

The Military and Family Support Group is in its busiest season of the year, gathering cards of best wishes and support along with travel-size food items, toiletries and souvenirs ó look for anything with the image of Texas on it. These will be boxed up on Nov. 3 and presented to families in Brown County who have loved ones serving in the armed forces for mailing in time for the Christmas holidays.

The response to this program in previous years has been incredible. Young people, church groups and civic organizations have answered the call. And the words of appreciation from the service men and women have been very gratifying. The expression of support is what the package of inexpensive items is about, and the emotional value of that expression far exceeds that of the gifts being sent.

A list of appropriate items the Military and Family Support Group can include was published in Mondayís Brownwood Bulletin. Cards and notes from groups and individuals also mean a lot to those in military service.

The men and women receiving the boxes arenít all in Iraq right now, nor overseas. Some are serving in the states, perhaps as close as Fort Hood. But they all are protecting their country, and they all deserve to be remembered. We have until the end of the month to make certain that they are.

Brownwood Bulletin