To the editor:

America has for some time now been on the imperialistic road. A known fact: over 350 permanent bases scattered over the world. These are cement bases, not tent wooden floors like we saw in World War II. And others unknown.

There are bases equipped with all the warfare infrastructure. Miles of war material — bought with borrowed money. The pentagon buys with billions of dollars on a no-bid junket costing many wasted dollars.

A short look at history reveals that countries under a facist regime such as Italy of World War II failed. Hitler catered to Italy’s Mussolini but called his regime Nazi. And we know they failed.

George Bush calls his occupation of the east democracy. Who believes the Muslim world will accept our form of government? The truth is they have never had anything short of feudalism.

Separation such as we now see in Iraq with the Sunnis and Kurds and Shiites leaves each unable to join ranks over the largest oil reserve in the world and greater than Saudi Arabia.

Looking back further in history we see the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Another form of government based throughout practically all of Europe known at the time. However in time, their Roman people began breeding with the conquered and soon the Empire fell within itself.

This present invasion program of George Bush and “his brain” can be truly compared to the failures of those in the annals of history who failed.

The present invasion of Iraq has without a doubt caused America to truly be a target of terrorism without the finding of weapons of mass destruction, and after the bombing of 9/11 this government is truly in need of protection, not only from without but especially from within. This is the most vulnerable aspect for Terrorism.

Nine trillion in U.S. debt, you couldn’t count it in a lifetime. Foreigners are buying this country and I could not buy one inch in Japan or wherever you name it! Diplomacy by our government — Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal. The diplomats gave back Iwo Jima to the Japanese, and I lost two close friends there with 6,800 dear marines. What’s going on? Like me at 82 years of age, I believe this nation, unless a miracle occurs, is on its way out — whatever that means. For good or bad. Hope is eternal — much like people.

L.L. White