To the editor:

Legislators have seldom let common sense interfere with policy. Witness Medicaid for the undocumented pregnant female. HHSC cannot insure her for Medicaid except at the point of delivery, as an “emergency.” That has now changed. Since her fetus is potentially a U.S. citizen, it can be insured under the CHIP program prior to birth. Common sense tells us that the general health of the mom and unborn child can hardly be separated. That is, the mother can be treated under the aegis of treating the fetus, hence she gets her coverage. Ain’t the shield of Zeus wonderful? It negates the necessity of applying common sense.

A sensible person would conclude that a continued, unchecked influx of undereducated, unskilled immigrants would drag down our society and bankrupt our coffers. Not the Repubs and Dems.

At all levels they refuse to concern themselves with a silly old immigration law. The executive branch certainly doesn’t. Instead, our elected representatives, legislative and executive, offer us scolding arguments about compassion and diversity, as they continue to confiscate more of our wealth to fund such. As we pay in our taxes to government, does the old parable of “pearls before swine” come to mind?

It’s time for people of common sense to voice their opinions and, when possible, cast their votes. By the way, state politicians are no less culpable than those at the federal level. Biff! Bam! Pow! Take that, you malfeasants!

Don Burks