It’s been three years since a major portion of each day for administrators in the Brownwood Independent School District has not been consumed with the thousands of details involved in the $29.4 million renovation package approved by voters in February 2005. This summer, nothing has changed on that front, because the past three summers have been the busiest times for contractors.

That’s because the most potentially disruptive construction is scheduled during the time most of the students and teachers are away from campus, a step that helps minimize disruption of the academic process.

But this summer could be considered different if only because the end, this time, is definitely in sight. School officials expect that after the rush of summer work gives way to the fall semester in late August, the majority of the “heavy” renovation will be past. Some additional work will continue on a few campuses for the rest of the calendar year, and the entire project funded by the bond election — along with some additional dollars available from the district’s fund balance— will be declared complete by the first of 2009.

Many of the enhancements, including several important security improvements, are already being enjoyed at Brownwood campuses. But when everything is finalized, the community will have schools whose appearance and function are a reflection of the quality of education being provided.

Brownwood Bulletin