To the editor:

I am writing to question a practice I recently learned about concerning the Brownwood Girls Softball. There is at least one coach, (there could be more) whose team made it into the district playoffs. After the girls on his team worked hard all year to get that far, the coach informed some of them that he would be picking up some players from teams that did not make the playoffs and playing those outsiders. The girls on the team who had played all year would probably spend the biggest part of the games on the bench because district is a

whole new ball game. I may be wrong but the girls on the team are the ones who made the playoffs, not the coach and his “new team.” I thought it was the responsibility of a youth coach to teach, encourage and boost our kids confidence in themselves. Not win games at the cost of these young girls love of the sport. I know of one young girl who will probably not play softball next year because of this coach’s words and actions.

I think it is a travesty for the parents of Brownwood to let this practice of winning at any cost continue.

Think about it.

Sandy McPhail