To the editor:

This letter is to all citizens of Brown, Coleman and Comanche counties. On Friday afternoon, Aug. 24, as I made my daily trip to Wal-Mart, I noticed at all entrances there were two ladies set up at each door with a table and a bucket that had New Life Assembly printed on them. The ladies were calling out to people as they were attempting to enter the store, asking for donations for “the shelter.” I asked them what shelter and I was told the shelter for victims of domestic violence. I asked if they knew the name of the local shelter, and I was then told it was for all victims of domestic violence.

I informed them I was an employee for our local shelter and did not have any knowledge of someone collecting money for us, and asked how they were planning on getting the donations to our shelter since they obviously didn’t even know the name, and I was again told that the money was for all victims of domestic violence. The ladies got very loud and on the defensive when questioned. I told them I was aware that the same group they are with has requested money for churches, victims of Katrina and those with a family member fighting overseas, yet none of this money collected ever stays in our area. After researching, I found out the money goes to the Houston area, and no one seems to know what happens to it after


The bottom line is, these people collect money from our citizens in our area who are always so willing to contribute and help out and they are under the impression they are giving to local families and charities, when they are not.

If our local domestic violence shelter, The Ark, is asking for any donations, there will be a banner with our name and logo, brochures on our services and name tags on those asking, and you will be told what the money will be used for. So please remember this when you come across someone asking for your monies, so you are not misled into giving to another shelter or perhaps some type of scam.

Alanna Reitz

The Ark Domestic Violence Shelter