To the editor:

I’m writing this in response to the letter printed on April 26 regarding Christianity in Iraq. Frankly, I’m a little surprised you decided to run this letter due to its largely slanted point of view. Although I agree with the author in expressing that religious freedoms for Iraqis is a good thing, the letter was skewed towards generating support for the war in Iraq. The letter almost sounded as though it was rallying troops for a holy war or crusade — not exactly what the world needs right now. It echoed sentiments of popes from the Dark Ages telling the masses that if you die in the Middle East you go straight to heaven. Your own little “get out of hell free card.”

The author gave the impression that our soldiers are over there fighting for Christ. Does that sound like an oxymoron to anyone else? How likely do you think those same soldiers that are helping give Iraqi Christians a fair chance would gun down an Iraqi practicing Witchcraft or worshipping the Buddha? I personally wouldn’t lay any bets. This letter had no other purpose than to further the close-minded belief that “Muslims are the enemy!” We live in a country that strives for the freedom of religion so desperately and yet so many people forget that freedom of religion means ANY religion. Printing that letter without a rebuttal was irresponsible and borders on propaganda and yellow journalism.

Selena Katzman