To the editor:

On Aug. 21, right outside the doors of a district inservice, where a motivational speaker was reminding faculty and staff about the importance of church, education and hope, two young men were running to the rescue of a man trapped under a construction truck.

Tyson Slate and Grant Lawrence saw the truck rolling out of control and pin a man underneath it.

Without any hesitation they ran over and freed the man and called for help.

I am honored to say that these two students are juniors at Bangs High School and are heroes in my eyes.

Is there any wonder why we do the job we do as educators? We are blessed everyday to work with young adults such as these who carry on the hope for our future generations.

The speakerís words were brought to life right outside our doors when we saw people willing to look after their fellow man!

Dan Vera

Principal, Bangs High School