Dreaming of a white Christmas is all well and good if you’re singing a song in your car or reading greeting cards at home. But if you’re traveling, a snow storm could be the last thing you want to encounter.

As the weekend before Christmas arrives, thousands of area residents will be on the road, and many more will be on airplanes, anxious to arrive at their holiday destinations. The good news for this part of Texas is that the forecast for the next several days promises mostly sunny conditions through Christmas Eve, with a slight chance of showers tonight and Saturday. Some nights could get cold, but those don’t arrive until after the showers clear out. So traveling to Christmas celebrations in this part of the country shouldn’t pose a problem. If one does develop, it will apparently involve patchy fog that motorists might encounter — not too usual for this area at this time of the year.

The same promise of mild conditions may not hold true in other states, however. A winter storm has been blasting the Great Lakes and Northeastern United States this month, and was moving into New England this week. Travelers should always keep an eye on the forecasts during the holidays.

If you will be among those taking flight this holiday, travel safely and go with your neighbors wishes for a safe holiday. May that fabled “white Christmas” not begin until you reach your destination.

Brownwood Bulletin