To the editor:

Those of you who have expressed your unhappiness about Coach Steve Freeman should be ashamed of yourselves. His blood runs more maroon than most of you fair-weather fans and he’s forgotten more about high school football than most of you football know-it-alls ever knew. More importantly, he has been a very positive influence in the players’ lives. Coach Freeman’s system instills honor and great work-ethic in the boys. It’s not the system that’s broke in Brownwood, it’s the parents of many players and some of the players themselves who never really bought into the system who are broke.

Our offense this year was among the top offenses in the state - Freeman’s offense. True enough, our defense struggled, but it was manned by a lot of sophomores who played their hearts out and some excellent individual efforts by the upperclassmen. In my opinion, part of the downfall of the defense was Coach Freeman’s loyalty to his friend, Charles Copeland. Obviously, Coach Copeland was never able to orchestrate a cohesive defense for whatever reason. Those of you who are never loyal to anything but your own personal interests will not understand Coach Freeman’s loyalty to his friend - but I do.

You who are not Brownwood “insiders,” please take a step back and realize what Coach Freeman has done for Brownwood. And the mother of a past player who said you hope the “punks this year lose every game” and the other mother of the past player who said you were “never coming to another Brownwood football game” - and you know who you are - should step back and take a long look at yourselves, but you won’t - you’re too special.

Coach Freeman, thank you for helping the boys become men. I am your loyal friend and will be forever grateful.

Rudy Taylor