To the editor:

In response to James Austin.

His letter insinuated that Barack Obama was not a Christian because his mother was an atheist and his father was a muslim. I did not know that your parents must be Christians before you can be a Christian. Is that what you are saying? If it is, then my bible has got it all wrong.

Fact: You become a Christian by accepting Christ.

You said he has never held a productive job.

Fact: After two law degrees, he went into public service. Would it have been more to your liking if he decided to dig ditches?

You said he was proud of his African heritage as a put down. What is wrong with that? You said his mother was an atheist as a put down. What is wrong with a person having the right to believe or not believe? If a person is an atheist, that has nothing to do with a personís character. I had a friend that was an atheist. He was the kindest, most helpful and most caring man you could imagine. I also know some Christian men (so called) that are of very low moral character.

Let me end this by saying, my advice to you is to open your mind and do away with your prejudices. A person should be judged by his own actions, not others. Stop listening to Republican talk radio and do your own research as to Barack Obamaís qualities.

I will be voting for Barack Obama, without any concerns.

Jeff Harrell