To the editor:

Texas Hold íEm Tournament.

It is a crying shame that a few left-wing/right-wing do-gooders spoiled the fun of about 400-plus people on Saturday, Sept. 15. These do-gooders must not realize that Texas Hold-Em Poker is one of the biggest sporting events in the United States and the world and it is broadcast on television many nights and days every week and it was invented in Texas. But, those people probably donít ever watch anything but CNN. Also, some of those 400-plus poker players would have brought family members with them to town who would have spent precious dollars in the Brownwood community. I guess the community didnít want their money. I was registered to play in the tournament, but I will not go to town to spend money after this fiasco. And, Iíll bet the lady in May who started the questions about the poker game doesnít go to town either.

Poker may be gambling. But, look at how stupid our state and our people are to allow millions of dollars to flow out of our state treasury ever year to into Louisiana, Oklahoma and New Mexico because there are people who think gambling is sinful. The people who want to gamble are going to find a place to gamble (and some of them are the do-gooders, they just donít want to get caught doing it at home). Why is it all right to buy a lottery ticket or play bingo? Thatís gambling? Why is it OK to enter a rodeo? Thatís a big gamble. You might not win and you might get your back broken, but itís legal. Why is it all right to hold your hand on that playhouse at the reunion for half a day to see if you can win it? Thatís gambling also. Why is it all right to go to the reunion and buy and drink beer in front of your children? Thatís a gamble; you are teaching your kids a very bad habit. Why is it all right for you to speed and run red lights? You are gambling with my life there. Why is it all right for a few people to tell the majority of other people how to lead their lives?

I read the Brown County attorney and the district attorney opinions in the paper on Friday. And I have listened to all the wishy-washy rumors in town. So, I e-mailed the Texas attorney general to get my own opinions. I am waiting on the reply. But the real answer is, ďWe, the real people of Texas, have got to stand up for our rights, tell the politicians who elected them to office, and we the people want things run in way that is reflected in this century, not 50 or 60 years ago.Ē

David A. Murray