To the editor:

Hysteria? I think not. Increased concern? Yes. The problem, as Ms. Stanley would have us believe, is not criminal mindset. The problem facing us is “illegal immigration.” You will notice there is no “nationality” stuck in the middle of that. We have had and will continue to have criminals. We have laws to deal with them.

The laws on illegal immigration are also pretty plain. If someone is in this country illegally from another country, then they are by definition “illegal aliens” and subject to the laws of this country that deal with that issue. We have far too many people, from all over the world, who fit this description.

No one has a problem with people coming into this country legally and applying for citizenship. This has always been encouraged.

Unfortunately, Ms. Stanley has muddied the waters by citing race, ethnicity and ethically. The general tone of Ms. Stanley’s letter is racist and I’m quite surprised by this.

If we have “corrupt government officials,” it is our own fault. We elected them. Are our laws in need of change? That’s up to the voters to decide. Should our laws be enforced? Definitely!

George Bradley