To the editoir:

Today, Texas voters will decide a number of issues on the ballot. None is more important to Texas and Brown County than Proposition 4.

Within this bond measure is $52 million for state parks, including money for Lake Brownwood State Park. However, that visitorship which fuels income to local businesses and merchants can drop if Proposition 4 does not pass. Like all other attractions for Texans and tourists, our state parks must be attractive and well-maintained to draw those visitors and their dollars. Proposition 4 will give much-needed repair money to over 30 state parks.

But Proposition 4 does more. It will also fund $50 million for historic sites and courthouse restoration. An additional $200 million will flow to the Department of Public Safety for crime labs and a state-of-the-art driver training facility for our highway patrol personnel and other law enforcement agencies. This will help keep our highways safe for Texas travelers in the future.

So when you go to the polls today, please vote for Proposition 4 for state parks and more.

Brad Locker