Storms can be a mixed blessing. Thunderstorms, for example, can bring needed rains, but they can also generate deadly tornadoes. Tropical storms can deliver a lethal punch with high winds and floods, but as they diminish in intensity, they also can provide welcome showers.

Some isolated instances of flash flooding were reported this week, but Tropical Storm Edouard has proven to be mostly a positive experience to Texans. And unless its remnants combine forces with another frontal systems and regains strength, thatís how it wlil be remembered. The damage and inconvenience to residents, commerical interests and tourists along the Gulf Coast was much less than a tropical storm could have brought.

Itís been a hot, and mostly dry, summer in most areas of Texas, and this early August reprieve from the ďdog daysĒ was just what this area needed. Texans are not surprised to see extremes in the weather, and understand that often the damaging effects of one weather disaster are following by the damaging effects of one of a different kind. The relief we needed came this time, however, without such problems, for the most part.

For that, thank you, Edouard.

Brownwood Bulletin