To the editor:

I read an article in the Brownwood Bulletin in the past week about a Brown County Water District official stating the residents of Brown County were using a great amount of water and thus generating very large amounts of revenue from water usage this year compared to last year. It’s from the dry and windy conditions over the past several weeks. Since the water district raised our “water usage rates” using less water in the “bad revenue years” and using God’s free good given rain (last year), are they going to lower the water usage rates now that God has frowned upon us this year and burdened us to use more water from the Brown County Water District? The invoice/bill I receive from the city mentions if we want to include an additional $1 “Keep Brownwood Beautiful” donation. My donation is already included in my water bill. I like and enjoy keeping my grass and flower beds green and for last month I paid for a total of $163. Enjoy watering and keep Brownwood beautiful!

David Lindsey