To the editor:

Since we don’t live in town, my husband and I often get a week’s worth of papers in one day. Today was one of those days and we just finished reading the last week’s worth and I’m again angry at Ms. Taylor’s second letter to the editor. I was happy to read the letter by Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Ruiz, but rudely awakened when I read yet another disturbing letter from Ms. Taylor.

I can’t sit here and not write a response to this second letter. I guess I’m one of those individuals who, according to Ms. Taylor “just don’t ‘get it’.” She states that “he isn’t some god that he couldn’t have made a mistake…” At last count, he was indicted for 30 counts. That is quite a few more than 1 and a “mistake” is arresting the wrong person or pulling the wrong car over for speeding. Sexual assault of a child is not a mistake, it is a crime.

The fact that Ariaz didn’t assault every girl in the class has absolutely no bearing on the fact he did sexually assault two of the girls. Just because Ariaz is accused of sexually assaulting two girls who did not have father figures in their lives, doesn’t mean that he had to assault all the girls without father figures. It wouldn’t even matter if the girls had made a move on Ariaz. If a move was made toward Ariaz, Ariaz as an adult male should have explained to the girl that it was not appropriate. To add the fact that Ariaz was the head of the Explorers program and a police sergeant is only more reason for Ariaz to decline inappropriate advances of a child. I don’t care if the girls showed up in bikini bathing suits; they should not have been sexually assaulted.

I also don’t care how long Ms. Taylor has known Ariaz or his family. The fact is he has been indicted for sexually assaulting two girls. She obviously didn’t know Ariaz as well as she thought she did. Why don’t you “wake up” Ms. Taylor. The newspaper reported that one girl did report the incident. There has been no evidence reported that the second girl did or did not report the incidents. Again, that has no bearing on the fact that Ariaz has been indicted for sexually assaulting the girls.

Just because a child doesn’t say “no” or doesn’t run to the “24-hour EZ Mart” screaming, doesn’t make it OK for Ariaz to sexually assault them. I write this letter as a mother of a daughter, as the wife of a reserve deputy sheriff, as a federal investigator myself and as a friend to many of the local law enforcement officers. I hold myself to a higher standard, regardless if anyone else does, as does my husband and the majority of law enforcement in the county.

Dee Robison

De Leon