To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone in the community who helped make the Pearl Griffin Memorial Latch Key supper a success in April. There were many people involved in donating the goods to have to serve to the community. The children and staff did a wonderful job of decorating the fellowship hall at the First Christian Church for the event.

Board members worked many hours rounding up the food needed for the event. The staff and board members went out of their way to serve, help community members as they came through for dinner that evening, and cleaning up afterwards. The individuals in the community who donated condiments, drinks, paper products and other necessary food items needed for the supper are to be thanked. There were many wonderful baked goods provided by staff, board members and Latch Key families.

Everyone did a wonderful job and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their help. The community needs a HUGE thank-you. We could have had this set up and had the event, but if the community had not shown up and shown their support for such a great program, then there would have been no point. The community is the final factor in making the hamburger supper a success.

Thank you staff, families, board members and community for making this year’s hamburger supper at the Pearl Griffin Memorial Latch Key Program such an excellent success! See you next year at the supper!

Jessica Hardy, Director