To the editor:

Have you noticed the conditions at our oldest cemetery, Greenleaf? Last week we went to pay respect to our family buried there. We were horrified to find that Greenleaf has been abandoned by those whom we trust with the final resting place of our loved ones and friends. When you cannot get to the plot for the 3-foot-plus weeds, canít locate the headstones for the weeds or the headstones are broken, or tumbled over, an entrance that looks more like the road to the dump with dead trees and stumps and often unusable roads; then it is time to speak up and make the necessary changes in staff and/or the board for letting it continue in ruins for the past several years. When we inquired we were only given the excuse of rain and lack of funds and rudely treated. We plan to be present at the next board meeting at 4 p.m., Wednesday, July 25 at the cemetery. All of our family and friends buried there deserve better.

Mrs. Herchel Johnson, Abilene

Terry Johnson, Ashburn, Va.

Jeff Johnson, Lynchburg, Va.